FAQ for Sellers

Stallholder FAQ

If you are interested in having a stall at Baby and Kids Market Melbourne, please read below for Stallholder information:

Baby and Kids Market Melbourne asks all stallholders to adhere to the information detailed below. We thank you for your co-operation.

Stall hire includes: 

1 x plastic trestle table 6ft x 2ft;
An additional area on the side of your table to display a small/medium clothes rack. Please note that large or commercial clothes racks are not permitted due to space restrictions;
Space for a few Large Items;
Market entry for you and helper (children are welcome to accompany you at the market however they must be supervised at all times);
Quality indoor venue;
Public Liability Insurance. Please note that public liability insurance does not provide you with insurance for your products, therefore, your products are not covered under this policy;

Please refer to the Book a Stall page for the cost of Pre Loved and Business Stalls.

Stall Set Up

Boxes/Plastic Tubs – When displaying goods and boxes/tubs on the floor in front of your table they must not spread into the aisle as this may cause a tripping hazard. Too many goods on the floor will also create congestion which can deter shoppers. Be sure to utilise the Large Items Area as this will allow for more space at your stall for your smaller items.

Clothes RackClothes racks are a great way to sell clothing at the market. Stallholders may bring one small/medium clothes rack to place on the left side of your trestle table unless you are on a corner stall where you may place it on either side. This will ensure there is adequate space for the shoppers to browse the racks. Please note that clothes racks are not provided so you will need to bring your own if required. Should more than one rack be on display you will be asked to remove the second rack or if they are small racks they may be placed together to form one rack. (Please note this will be at the Market Managers discretion). Large commercial or double clothes racks are not permitted due to space restrictions.  The rack must not protrude too far past the table into the aisle as this can cause congestion and may create a tripping hazard at your stall.

TableclothWe encourage all stallholders to bring a tablecloth to cover their trestle table as this will improve the overall appearance of your stall and make it more attractive to the shoppers.

Stall number stand – Please ensure that the stall number stand provided remains on your table and is clearly visible at all times as this will assist shoppers in locating your stall.

Pricing of your items

First up: we advise you have a think about what you would be willing to pay for the item. If things have hardly been worn you can ask a bit more and get away with it, but on items that are no longer “as new” you will want to drop the price, after all: you are here to sell the items, not take them back home. Also put your nicest items on your clothes rack, it’s easier to browse from!
Second: try to see if you can bundle things and sell several items for one price. Some people fill a tub or box and price them as “everything in this box $1 each” (or whichever price you want for the items)
And finally: if you feel that your items aren’t selling, drop the prices in the last hour of the market to entice buyers to open their wallets. Having a lower set of price tags under your table would allow you to quickly change the prices! alternatively just use a marker and slash the prices on the items.

Stall Location

A map of the stall layout and a full Stallholder list will be on display at the entry points on market day. Please refer to the Stallholder List upon entry to double check your stall location. Market staff will be available to assist you in locating your stall if required.

If you book more than one stall or wish to have a stall near a friend please advise of this in the comments section of your booking. If you are unable to book them together please email us a request and we will happily relocate your stall/s where possible.

Set Up & Pack Up Times

Empty stalls will be reallocated to other stallholders or removed 15 mins prior to market commencement so please ensure you allow plenty of time to locate the venue as we do not refund or transfer stalls if you do not make it on time.

Please leave your stall area as you found it.

There is space in the carpark at the venue. Once you have unpacked, we prefer that you park your car further away from the front of the venue. That way the visitors can find a nice spot near the entry.


The stall fee includes up to two people at your stall for the duration of the market. Additional helpers are allowed during set up or packing up, however, they will not be allowed to remain at your stall once the market is open to the public.

Children are welcome to accompany you at the market however they must be supervised at all times. They are to remain within your allocated stall area and we ask that you consider your neighbouring stallholders.

Two stallholder wristbands will be on your table when you arrive at your stall, these are for you and your helper to wear. They will clearly identify you as a stallholder and give you access in and out of the hall during the market.


This venue will be able to provide 2 chairs for your table.

Food & Drink

All Baby and Kids Market Melbourne venues have a facility to purchase food and drinks. We ask that care is taken to minimise spills within the venue. Please ensure that all food waste is placed in the bins provided and that you leave your stall area as you found it.

Exit Doors

All exit doors must be kept clear at all times and no stallholder is allowed to place goods, clothes racks or tables in front of the exit doors.


Prams/Strollers – must be sold with a tether strap and red brakes are to be visible.
Car Seats – must be less than 10 years old and not have been involved in an accident. All car seats must comply with the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1754 and the official label must be clearly visible.
Cots/Mattresses and porta-cots – these are to be sold unassembled due to space restrictions, we suggest attaching a photo to show the assembled cot if required.

Any other questions? Just send us an email at bkmmelbourne@gmail.com.